Suited for Change & Menzfit

Job hunting is extremely challenging for most people. However, it is more demanding when a job applicant lack confidence, or is unable to present what is considered an acceptable business image for employment. The California State Society collects professional woman’s and men’s clothing from members for donation to Suited for Change and MenzFit.

Suited For Change

Founded in 1992, Suited for Change provides professional clothing and ongoing career and life skills education to low-income women to increase their employment and job retention potential and to contribute to their economic independence. Services are available at no charge and by referral only to low-income women who have completed job readiness programs and are seeking employment.

Rodeo_Drive_iStock_000009568077SmallThe Women Who Are Served

Clients come from the D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia and include homeless women, survivors of domestic violence, teen mothers, senior citizens, former offenders, and those who have overcome addiction.
Suited for Change “suits” more than 100 women each month. Since its founding in 1992, Suited for Change has helped more than 13,000 area women transition into the workforce.

What Is needed

All donations of professional attire and accessories must be interview-ready, meaning they can immediately be worn on a job interview when donated. All donations of professional clothing and accessories must be in excellent condition, in current style, in current season, and clean. Professional clothing must be on hangers.

What Is Not Accepted

All donations must be appropriate for a job interview. Suited for Change cannon accept any clothing and accessories that are not professional in nature, including but not limited to:  sweaters, bathrobes, slippers, evening attire, holiday attire, causal attire (including Casual Friday), white or bright colored hosiery, under-garments.


For many men who may be experiencing unemployment issues, MenzFit is available for their rescue. Located in both Washington, DC and Philadelphia, PA. MenzFit is taking an active yet innovative role in assisting the underserved population especially in this increasingly competitive job market.

The Men Who Are Served

The clients are terminated or laid off workers, ex offenders, homeless, recovering substance abusers, the disables, public assistance recipients and veterans. Others are just down on their luck and need assistance getting a job. MenzFit services help disadvantaged men who have had few educational opportunities and little exposure to what successful and satisfying career looks like. MenzFit’s interventions increase employment outcomes during the initial interview process as well as after our clients have begun working.

What Is Needed

MenzFit accepts gently worn clothing donations.

What Is Not Accepted

MenzFit does not accept: women’s clothing, tennis shoes, shorts, jeans, formalwear, double-breasted suits, worn socks, underwear or robes.

2012 Clothing Donation Drop-Off Dates

  • Saturday, May 12, 2012
  • Spring and Summer Clothing Only

Guidelines for Clothing Drop-Offs

Contact Katie Wheelers Mathews to schedule an appointment to droff or have your clothes picked up. If you would prefer to go to the organizations yourself, contact Katie and she can provide you with the address and contact information.

Feedback from CSS Members

“The California State Society makes it easy for me to support worthy causes. For example, CSS provides regular opportunities for members to donate business clothing to organizations like MenzFit, which helps the DC Central Kitchen outfit students from their culinary programs for job interviews.” ~ Jim Gelb

Contact Information

For more information about the California State Society, please email For more information on Suited for Change visit: or on MenzFit visit:

To make a donation, please contact Katie Wheelers Mathews at 202-624-5275 or